It’s Time for the Annual Somerville Dog Festival!

Get your tails wagging, because it’s time once again for the annual Somerville Dog Festival! This year’s festival is sure to be a fun-filled event, with plenty of activities and games to keep your furry friends entertained. Plus, this year there will be an array of vendors offering delicious treats and toys for your pup.

The Activities

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This year’s festival includes a wide variety of activities for both you and your pup. First up is the dog agility course. This course is designed to test your pup’s agility as they navigate their way through obstacles like ramps, tunnels, jumps, and more. There will also be a trick show featuring dogs from all over the area showing off their best moves. And if that wasn’t enough, there will also be a costume contest where you can dress up your pooch in their cutest outfit.

The Vendors

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In addition to the activities, there will also be a number of different vendors at the festival offering everything from tasty treats to stylish accessories for your pup. You’ll have no problem finding something special for your furry friend here! There will also be local rescue groups present at the event so you can learn more about how you can help rescue pets in need.

The Cause

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Finally, this year’s festival has an extra special cause; proceeds from the event will go towards supporting animal shelters in the area. So not only are you having fun with your pup at the festival, but you’re helping animals in need as well!

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For the Somerville Dog Festival, a variety of pet supplies are needed to ensure that you and your pup have the best time possible. For starters, there will need to be various obstacles for the agility course, such as ramps, tunnels, hurdles, jumps and more. These items should be made from sturdy materials that are safe for animals of all sizes. Additionally, treats can be provided as rewards for completing each obstacle successfully.

When it comes to the trick show portion of the event, additional equipment will likely be necessary. Training toys such as balls and frisbees can help pets learn how to perform new tricks and stunts with ease. If you’d like your pooch to really stand out in the costume contest, then accessories such as headbands or bowties can complete any ensemble. Finally, pet owners should also make sure to bring plenty of food, water bowls and waste bags for all their furry friends throughout the day.

Ultimately, with the correct supplies at hand, everyone attending Somerville Dog Festival is sure to have an amazing time! Not only will pups be able to compete on an agility course or showcase their skills in a trick show competition but they’ll also get to strut their stuff in a costume contest where safety and comfort should always come first. Pet owners should always remember that when it comes to pet supplies for this event – whether it’s an obstacle or an accessory – quality matters more than quantity!


So don’t miss out on all of the fun that awaits at this year’s Somerville Dog Festival! Bring along all of your four-legged friends and enjoy an afternoon filled with activities and goodies that they’ll love. Plus, knowing that you’re helping animals in need makes it even better! See you there!

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